Recent Art Work

April 2016 - Light and Dark, Random9 Exhibition, ANU School of Art Foyer gallery. My work DSC shown

September 2015 - Landscape of Decay, Random9 Exhibition, Belconnen Arts Centre, Canberra. My work Original Copy shown.

August 2014 - Rhythm Random9 Exhibition - ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery. My work 6.14am shown.

April 2014 - Solo Exhibition Place at the Fawn Art Gallery, Melbourne

March 2014 - Solo exhibition Place at the Tuggeranong Art Centre

July 2013 - Publish latest book Place

June 2013 - 100 Random9 Exhibition - Toured to Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong. My work "Strom 2013" shown

April 2013 - 100 Random9 Exhibition - Belconnen Art Centre. My work "Strom 2013" shown

Dec 2012 - "Festive" Group Exhibition - CCAS Manuka. My work "Festive" shown

Jun 2012 - N/Eingang Random9 Exhibition - Foyer Gallery, ANU School of Art. Part of Random9 group show. My work "Portraits" shown.

Mar 2012 - Darkness published by Blurb Mar 2012

Feb 2012 - Rebuilt Random9 Exhibition - ACT Legislative Assembly. Part of Random9 group show. My work "Rebuilt" shown.

Nov 2011 - Darkness - ANU School of Art, Honours Graduation Show.

Jun 2011 - Inside- Emerging Artist Support Scheme exhibition at Strathnairn Art Gallery. My work "Dark" shown.

Feb 2011 - Publication of book titled "Landscape of Passage " from same titled photo series. 

Produced Video - "The Last Drag Show"

2010 - Urban - Random9  showing with a theme the urban environment, ACT Legislative Assembly, Canberra. My work "Landscape of Passage" shown.

Jul 2010 - Trans - Publication of a book titled "Trans - the Invisible people"

2009 - Gender Rights - A group showing exploring the theme of Gender Diversity, ACT Legislarive Assembly, Canberra

Dancesong – A series of elegant images encapsulating the expression and motion of a contemporary dance form known as Hilal Dance performed to traditional music from Egypt. ANU School of Art, Photospace

2007- Family First – A series of family portraits of lesbian and transgender couples showing alternative family structures. ANU Photomedia Department, School of Art

2006- Hair Salon; the beautiful people? – an audio visual art work dealing with image and hair in salon. ANCA Gallery, Canberra

Published Works

Place: published by Blurb July 2013

Darkness: published by Blurb Mar 2012

Landscape of Passage:  published by Blurb Feb 2011 

Trans: The Invisible People published by Blurb Jul 2010


2013-2016 - Currently a PhD candidate at the Australian National University (ANU) School of Art.

2011 - Graduated  from the  ANU School of Art  Honours degree (first class)  in Bachelor of Visual Studies.