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PhD Work (up to 2020)

Veneration Exhibition  - shown at ANU School of Art and Design in November 2020 for my PhD examination and exhibition. The entire exhibition video work can be seen HERE

This link shows the PhD examination & exhibition Red Poppy Laying Performance.

My original ANU PhD exegesis titled "The Role of Rhythmical Pattern Body Movement in ANZAC Commemoration and Site Connotations" can be found HERE

An expanded exegesis version that includes material excluded from the original ANU version due to word limits can be found in Amazon books. 

Two video series connected with my PhD exegesis are below;

- Anzac Parade Series,

- Wreath Laying Series at non-Anzac related sites

PhD Associated Presentations

Project Presentation to RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2021;
The Role of Rhythmical Pattern Body Movement  in Anzac Commemoration and Site Connotations
IAG 2023 Conference Presentation; 
Ways of Movement are Ways of Thinking

Newly Completed Projects


Recently Published Work (2020 to December 2023);
- The Manner of the Road - Video
Urban Central
Urban Formal
Part of the Crowd
Private Roadside Remembrance
-  Urban Commercial
-  Car Accommodation
-  Suburb Making
-  The Space In-Between
AMPS 2023 Conference Presentation
Canberra - A New Heritage?



"The art of photography is all about directing the attention of the viewer."

- Steven Pinker

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