Stephanie Alexandria Parker is a Photomedia artist/researcher currently based in Canberra, Australia. She was awarded her PhD from the Australian National University School of Art and Design in July 2021.

Her honours degree in 2011 let Stephanie develop an interest in spatial perceptions and the aesthetic of space in relation to the individual. Her PhD further enabled her to expand her studies to include her dance practice (Hilal Dance). In particular she has become interested in the connotations created through rhythmical movement and choreographic structures in creating and attaching meaning to spatial and/or specific geographic points. In her PhD she showed that prominent urban geographic points (memorials) can acquire an oral memory mnemonic in the environment through constant interactive practices and performances. Her studies have suggested reinforcement could be increased substantially through formal, structured performances transmitting an institutional message. This has raised further questions on the nature of mnemonic and oral memory in the urban environment without such formal, structured performances.

Her current studies are investigating mnemonic and oral memory in Canberra’s unique urban environment.