This series was inspired by the daily Last Post Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial. This visual dance work is part of a project three video series investigating the nature of the relationship between rhythmical pattern body movement and the commemorative architecture at selected memorials on Anzac Parade, Canberra. The Memorials where this performance took place were; 

  • Vietnam Memorial, 
  • Australian Army Memorial and
  • Hellenic Memorial.

The principal results of this series are that by harmonising through rhythm and movement quality with the memorials’ spatial design intent magnified the effect of these memorials on myself as the performer, and, in my view, it would also do so on a potential audience. Importantly, the series showed that it is rhythm and movement quality that actively communicate remembrance.

My inspiration for my interactions with the Vietnam Memorial arose from having observed a unit of Australia’s Federation Guard, a catafalque party, practicing drill for an upcoming commemorative ceremony at the Vietnam Memorial.